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Bernie Potton

Managing Director


Initial founder of SQ in 1984 and majority shareholder today. Solid IT technical background on mainframes, PCs, Unix and AS400s and extensive business knowledge in the Unit Trust sector.

Trained by Lloyds Bank as a trainee programmer (IBM mainframes) in the seventies, Bernie worked as a contractor in Saudi Arabia for 3 years, then BP for 7 years, then changed personal career direction into Unit Trusts at the end of the eighties. Bernie worked at Premier Unit Trusts (now Mellon) for 2 years, implemented Threads and all interfaces and surrounding systems for Schroder Unit Trusts, carried out the first external conversion for the RuFuS team (Woolwich), and worked as a project manager, account manager and senior designer on EFDS’s (now IFDS) FAST system.

He has also performed numerous consultancy and managed project assignments for many Unit Trust companies including his “This Idiot’s Guide to Unit Trusts” introduction lecture to new staff members etc. He ceased full-time contracting in 1995 to concentrate on SQ’s growth and now works full-time on SQ (when not in the pub “networking”, as he insists on calling it!).

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