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SMEs IT Recruitment

SQCP works with a number of Small to Medium sized Enterprise's across a range of industries including Consultancies, Software and Hardware Suppliers, Digital Media, Fund Managers and the Retail Sector. 

We understand that rapidly growing, smaller companies can often find it a frustrating and time consuming process to when they opt to directly source candidates and manage the whole recruitment process in-house.   Using SQCP removes the burden of vetting blatantly inappropriate CVs and will deliver suitable candidates to very strict timescales.  We identify and assess tried and tested candidates who specifically work in this industry sector and excel at operating in less structured environments.

Typically we provide candidates across all disciplines of IT from Support through to Project and Programme Management. These candidates tend to be people who thrive on broader reaching, and varied roles, coupled with increased responsibilities, involvement and challenges that you would not normally associate with larger scale global organisations.